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Comma Before or After But

Question: Use a Comma Before or After But?

Whether you should use a comma before or after but depends on the sentence construction. Recognizing the structure of a sentence will help you identify when you should use it. A few tips will make this task easy. But remember, there is always that pesky exception the rule.Independent ClausesLet’s begin with an example of a... Read The Rest Of The Experience Here......

Comma Before And

When to Use a Comma Before And

The debate whether to use a comma before and will likely play out to the end of time with strong supporters on both sides. The so-called Oxford or serial comma refers to the punctuation mark that appears before and in a series of items. In this case, its usage is a matter of style. But... Read The Rest Of The Experience Here......

Canceled or Cancelled

Is It Canceled or Cancelled?

Oscar Wilde once said, “We have really everything in common with America nowadays, except, of course, the language.” The use of canceled or cancelled is one example of the differences we recognize today between American and British English. It’s essential to be aware of these subtleties as they’re common sources of confusion among writers on... Read The Rest Of The Experience Here......

Bear with Me or Bare with Me

Bear with Me or Bare with Me, Whichever You Prefer

This grammar conundrum is one that you’ll want to avoid at all costs because of embarrassing this error is. It’s not uncommon to confuse the two whenever you’re dealing with homophones. These are pairs of words which sound the same but have radically different meanings. The greater the disparity, the more glaring is the error.​At... Read The Rest Of The Experience Here......

AP Style Numbers

AP Style Numbers: The Ultimate Guide

Writing numbers correctly in AP style includes a few basic rules that should get you through most situations. But like most grammar dogma, there is always those special cases. AP style numbers are no exception.The Short Answer Numbers under 10 are spelled out. Numbers over 10 are written in numerals. Guidelines for NumbersThe under-ten or... Read The Rest Of The Experience Here......

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