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Who vs Whom

Who vs Whom: What’s the Big Deal?

Using who and whom correctly is the sign of an excellent writer. For one, the two are not interchangeable simply because they belong in different cases. And while whom may sound like a stuffy word, it actually has its proper place in good present-day grammar.The Quick Answer Who refers to the subject of a clause... Read The Rest Of The Experience Here......

What Does Sic Mean

What Does Sic Mean?

You’re probably most familiar with the common meaning of the word sic as a verb. If you don’t know its other uses, don’t sweat it. The word has an essential place in writing that helps to retain the original intent or context of a piece.Definition of Sic As a verb, sic means to attack. As... Read The Rest Of The Experience Here......

Verb Tenses

Verb Tenses: Keeping the Past, Present and Future Straight

The past, the present and the future walk into a bar. It was tense. Seriously though, mastering verb tenses is essential for good grammar because they dictate the flow of action and state of being. There are the three main ones that you know well with four variations on each theme. They add complexity and... Read The Rest Of The Experience Here......

Using AP Style Ellipses Correctly

Using AP Style Ellipses Correctly

Using ellipses (singular: ellipsis) properly is a matter of correct grammar and presentation. You must consider the usage for the type of writing and how you render them on the page. Like em dashes and parentheses, ellipses are a style element too which means special handling, so they mesh with your work.Mechanics of EllipsesYou wouldn’t... Read The Rest Of The Experience Here......

Truely or Truly

Do You Love Me Truely or Truly?

It’s easy to get confused over whether to use truely or truly. If you don’t use it a lot, you’ll likely fall back on words with similar construction to decide how to spell it. Words like nice may spring to mind. Nice goes to nicely with the simple addition of -ly at the end. So,... Read The Rest Of The Experience Here......

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