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Bear with Me or Bare with Me

Bear with Me or Bare with Me, Whichever You Prefer

This grammar conundrum is one that you’ll want to avoid at all costs because of embarrassing this error is. It’s not uncommon to confuse the two whenever you’re dealing with homophones. These are pairs of words which sound the same but have radically different meanings. The greater the disparity, the more glaring is the error.​At... Read The Rest Of The Experience Here......

AP Style Numbers

AP Style Numbers: The Ultimate Guide

Writing numbers correctly in AP style includes a few basic rules that should get you through most situations. But like most grammar dogma, there is always those special cases. AP style numbers are no exception.The Short Answer Numbers under 10 are spelled out. Numbers over 10 are written in numerals. Guidelines for NumbersThe under-ten or... Read The Rest Of The Experience Here......

Any Way vs Anyway

Any Way vs Anyway: What’s the Difference Anyway?

Unlike other word pairings, these words are not blatant uses of the wrong word. The differences are subtler than that. Similar confusion exists with other word pairs such as every day/everyday and any one/anyone. Let’s try to unravel the mystery and shed some light on these problematic words.Setting the Stage Any way means any possible... Read The Rest Of The Experience Here......

anytime vs any time

Knowing the Difference Between Anytime vs Any Time

​Anytime and any time carry the same grammatical baggage as similar word pairings like everyday/every day and everytime/every time. The challenge isn’t in the spelling. Both forms are correct, making it a difficult error to catch sometimes. A spellchecker won’t flag it. There are times when software can’t replace a set of eyes.At a Glance... Read The Rest Of The Experience Here......

google index

Getting Your Content Indexed Quickly By Google

As a publisher, there’s nothing worse than putting a substantial amount of time (and money) into content creation, only to see slow adoption into Google’s index.After all, the sooner your content is indexed, the sooner you can climb up the ranks for your given keyword(s) and start pulling in organic traffic. Any delay in indexation... Read The Rest Of The Experience Here......

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