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when to use a colon

When to Use a Colon in AP Style Writing

When it comes to grammar, the use of a period, question mark or exclamation point seems straightforward. They were the first grammatical marks you read and learned. Semicolons, colons and other punctuation seem daunting because they occur in formal writing and have specialized uses.Mechanics of Using a ColonSemicolons and colons are different regardless of having... Read The Rest Of The Experience Here......

threw vs. through. vs. thru

Threw vs. Through vs. Thru: What’s the Difference?

There are a few scenarios with writing that you want to make sure you don’t use the wrong word because it’s the kind of error that gets noticed. The confusion exists because these words are homophones. They may sound the same, but they have different meanings and uses.DefinitionsWe can begin with the definition of each... Read The Rest Of The Experience Here......

ap title capitalization

AP Title Capitalization Guide

Correct capitalization is essential whether it’s a news article or a blog post or content on a website to make your writing look professional. But AP title capitalization is more complicated given the number of rules and the ever-increasing types of media. Let’s end the confusion with an overview of the correct way to capitalize... Read The Rest Of The Experience Here......

affect vs. effect

Affect vs. Effect: What's The Difference?

Affect and effect are both nouns and verbs, albeit, with some striking differences in usage. Similar pronunciation contributes to the confusion. In everyday writing, affect is typically used as a verb, whereas effect most often is a noun. But as with every rule, there are exceptions.Knowing the Difference Between Affect and EffectYou can use both... Read The Rest Of The Experience Here......

word agents niche site case study

How a Single Niche Site Generated Over $690,000 in Under 2 Years

The internet can make you rich. Very, very...VERY rich.Aside from operating WordAgents.com, I also build, maintain, monetize, and sell a number of niche websites. I’ve been doing so since 2012, and only seem to find more and more opportunities to continue doing so as time passes.Back in 2014, the niche site industry was very much... Read The Rest Of The Experience Here......

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