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Blog posts are usually formal or informal updates that are driven by your brand identity. They are used to teach readers about you industry, create conversation, and promote specific products or services that you offer. Word Agents will create each blog post as if it were written by a member of your staff. Our goal is to maintain your corporate image while we use our extensive marketing experience to create content that will attract and retain visitors.

Blog Post Benefits

Blog posts are very beneficial to businesses, which is why even the likes of notable corporations like HostGator, Walmart and Exxon Mobil maintain them. Below are some notable reasons why you should consider adding a blog to your site:

  • Fresh Content: Customers appreciate fresh and unique content. Take, for instance, the website for a plumbing company. Customers would be more likely to return to the website if the company were to regularly blog about plumbing tips and tutorials.
  • Branding: Blog posts can help you position your company as an expert on your chosen topic. They allow you to thoroughly cover a variety of sub-topics in much greater detail.
  • Customer Questions: This is a terrific opportunity for you to answer customer questions. When you first start a business, you’re not going to know what types of questions your customers may have for you. Blogging periodically is a great way to address new questions that you receive.

Blogging With Word Agents

WordAgents.com is a trusted source for high-quality blog posts. Our team is comprised of college-educated, American writers with at least 1 year of experience writing for the web. We NEVER employ writers from overseas!

Each blog post that we create will feature:

  • Content that is unique from anything else found online
  • Engaging information that will attract attention
  • Optimized writing that is perfect for ranking on various search engines

Every project is priced competitively and is treated as if it were our own. We create high-quality blog content quickly and efficiently. In certain cases, we can have your content to you within 24 hours!

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