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Product Reviews

A Product Review is a comprehensive look at the features, pros/cons, benefits, and other important information regarding a single product or service. This type of content is meant to aid readers in a buying decision and can be a great way for companies to pre-sell their product and increase sales.

Product Review Benefits

Reviews are a fantastic way to provide potential customers an unbiased view at a particular product or service. Here are a few other benefits:

  • Can be used as an alternative landing page to help drive sales
  • Helps to filter out “tire kickers” who would have never made a purchase in the first place
  • Increases trust in your brand

In this day and age, your product will most definitely be reviewed on dozens of websites all over the internet. Get in the mix and have WordAgents.com create fantastic unbiased look at your product selection!

Great For Marketers

Product reviews are perfect if you’re an online marketer and earn commissions by promoting offers or products for another company. We’ve split-tested our reviews against traditional squeeze sales pages and have seen HUGE gains in click-through-rate and conversion rate. We suggest creating industry-specific review websites that have a focus on one type of product or service.

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